[sane-devel] Pulstek OpticBook 3800

ibu ☉ radempa ䷰ ibu at radempa.de
Thu Apr 25 16:53:21 UTC 2013

On 2013-04-24 07:05, Stef wrote:
> On 23/04/2013 10:23, Nikolay Shaplov wrote:
>>>       the first step is to find the exact ASIC used in your scanner.
>>> Can
>>> you post an USB log of a preview done with the windows driver ?
>> http://lj.shaplov.ru/2013/UsbSnoop.log.gz
>> http://lj.shaplov.ru/2013/UsbSnoop.parsed.log.gz  (parsed with usbsnoop-
>> gl847.pl as I found in this mail list)
>> This log is sniffed right from the point of when scanner were turned on.
>>> And also the result of lsusb -v ?
>> lsusb.log in attach
>>> Is there a chance you can IC through the glass when the scanning
>>> head is
>>> moving ?
>> IC is for microchip? Then there are
>> 27ANG9K G4 \n ACT 04
>> and
>> UTC \n 78D  05L \n 01 PGT0
>> The first one has about 14 legs, the second one only two.
>> There are two chips with first sign  and two chips with second sign
>> on the
>> board that attached to the head.
>>>       Then adding this scanner will be like you started it, but you'll
>>> also have to add specific entries for sensor, motor and gpio which
>>> change from device to device. The needed values will have to be deduced
>>> from USB logs.
>> I've already started to view USB log and found matches with GL646
>> spec, but I
>> am still not really good with it, and also I still do not understand
>> how does
>> such simple operations, as writing some bits into LAMPPWM (for
>> example) from
>> USB log corresponds with the code from genesys_gl847.c
>>> The code path will had to be modified for the new defines.
>>>       BTW there is no CCD sensor support currently in gl847 code, only
>>> CIS sensors are handled. That would need to be changed firt.
>> What is CCD and CIS? :-)
>     Hello,
>     to my knowledge, regarding bdcDevice, we currently have:
> GL843 devices bcdDevice 5.00
> GL846 devices bcdDevice 6.01
> GL847 devices bcdDevice 6.03
> GL124 devices bcdDevice 7.01
>     So the the 6.05 value you have is a hint that your scanner doesn't
> use a supported genesys ASIC, probably a GL848 or GL123. By comparing
> the datasheet of these ASIC, you'll find register that aren't shared,
> and if you find the use of such registers in log, you'll be able to
> identify the ASIc used.
>     Or find a 38x26 pins IC, labeled xxxx GLnnn, where nnn will be the
> ASIC version. 

Hi Nikolay and Stef,

opening an OpticBook 3800 (bottom metal plate and metal shield) I found
a chip with roughly 2x38x26 pins labeled:


This is no typo, it really reads GL845. Here is the datasheet for this chip:

I would very much appreciate having a working linux driver for OpticBook
3800, since to my knowledge this would be the first (affordable) flatbed
scanner having a book edge and working with linux. Maybe I can
contribute a bit during the next two weeks.

Does anybody on the list know which chip is used in OpticBook 4800? That
device seems roughly twice as fast (and expensive).


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