[sane-devel] Pulstek OpticBook 3800

Nikolay Shaplov dhyan at nataraj.su
Fri Apr 26 08:20:07 UTC 2013

>      Hello,
>      to my knowledge, regarding bdcDevice, we currently have:
> GL843 devices bcdDevice 5.00
> GL846 devices bcdDevice 6.01
> GL847 devices bcdDevice 6.03
> GL124 devices bcdDevice 7.01
>      So the the 6.05 value you have is a hint that your scanner doesn't
> use a supported genesys ASIC, probably a GL848 or GL123. By comparing
> the datasheet of these ASIC, you'll find register that aren't shared,
> and if you find the use of such registers in log, you'll be able to
> identify the ASIc used.
>      Or find a 38x26 pins IC, labeled xxxx GLnnn, where nnn will be the
> ASIC version.

It is GL845.

Other ICs are (just not to open it second time)

ESMT \n M12L64164A- \n AZV1P22P5



Also I've found GL845 datasheet at 

So as I can understand I should clone some genesys_gl84?.[ch] and start to 
adapt it to 845 accoding to UsbSnoof log and datasheet. 

What file is better to clone? 843 according to datasheet has registers up to 
0xAE, 841 up to 0x87.  for 847 there is no datasheet.  and 845 uses registers 
up to 0xFF. So I think it is better to start from 847. Am I right? 

 And  then from what point it is better to start? At least I should make the 
head not trying to move out of phisical limits. I do not want it to be 
demaged... I think it is good point...

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