[sane-devel] Error during I/O fujitsu scanner

cecilia biolatti cecibiolatti at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 12:41:17 UTC 2013

I have a problem with the fi-4530Cdj  scanner.
After scanning repeatedly, I get the error "Error during I / O". if I do
not set the brightness and contrast settings, I get this error less often.

Generally, fails in these lines:

[fujitsu] set_sleep_mode: start
[fujitsu] do_usb_cmd: start
[fujitsu] do_usb_cmd: finish
[fujitsu] set_sleep_mode: finish
[fujitsu] send_lut: start
[fujitsu] send_lut: -20 -40.393701 0 0.250000 -0.500000
[fujitsu] do_usb_cmd: start
[fujitsu] do_usb_cmd: finish
[fujitsu] send_lut: finish
[fujitsu] send_lut: start
[fujitsu] send_lut: -20 -49.708483 30 0.365525 -59.648866
[fujitsu] do_usb_cmd: start
[fujitsu] out: wrong size 1034/1024
[fujitsu] send_lut: finish
[fujitsu] sane_start: start
[fujitsu] started=0, side=0, source=3
[fujitsu] update_params: start
[fujitsu] update_params: x: max=14592, page=14033, gpw=14033, res=200
[fujitsu] update_params: y: max=40800, page=19845, gph=19845, res=200
[fujitsu] update_params: area: tlx=0, brx=14033, tly=0, bry=19845
[fujitsu] update_params: params: ppl=2336, Bpl=292, lines=3306
[fujitsu] update_params: params: format=0, depth=1, last=1
[fujitsu] update_params: finish
[fujitsu] scanner_control: start
[fujitsu] scanner_control: function 0
[fujitsu] do_usb_cmd: start
[fujitsu] cmd: wrong size 31/0
[fujitsu] scanner_control: error, tries 1, ret 9
[fujitsu] scanner_control: finish
[fujitsu] sane_start: ERROR: cannot control adf, ignoring
[fujitsu] mode_select_auto: start
[fujitsu] do_usb_cmd: start
[fujitsu] cmd: wrong size 31/0
[fujitsu] mode_select_auto: finish
[fujitsu] sane_start: ERROR: cannot mode_select_auto
Sane Error: Error during device I/O

I attach the full log.

Sane-backends Version: 1.0.22
OS: Gentoo

I await your response.
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