[sane-devel] Have I got a deal for you on a Fujitsu fi-4750c scanner....

Mike Wirth mwirth at gmail.com
Tue Aug 13 23:10:45 UTC 2013


Bought a used Fujitsu fi-4750c scanner from an online auction at CSU San
Marcos, about 35 miles north of San Diego, CA, mainly to get the unopened
box of maintenance supplies that was part of the lot (for the scanner I
already have).  Thought a relative in San Diego could pick it up for me and
ship.  Didn't work out.  And the local UPS store is quoting $85 to pack,
$70 to ship to me (in SF Bay Area).  Not worth it to me for spare parts, so
I'm just going to have them ship the maintenance kit and trash the scanner.

That is, unless you want it and are willing to pay the packing and shipping
charges.  Or, if local, you can pick it up for free.  Rather not see it
just be trashed.

Came from the school library.  Have no idea of its state of wear, etc.

Please respond off list to mwirth (at) gmail (dot) com.
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