[sane-devel] Time to set up SANE's release plan ?

Chris Bagwell chris at cnpbagwell.com
Thu Aug 15 22:19:47 UTC 2013

On Sun, Aug 11, 2013 at 3:31 PM, Stef <stef.dev at free.fr> wrote:

>     Hello,
>     it's about one year that SANE 1.0.23 has been released. I think we
> should set a release plan to get 1.0.24 ready this year.
> Regards,
>     Stef

For what its worth, I've finally submitted the one patch I wanted to get in
before another release (a pthreads patch to work with mingw64) so I'm ready.

Also, I'd like to get "make distcheck" working before next release if
possible.  Some of the new testsuite work is failing when "distcheck" runs
the "check" target.  I may be able to help debug that deeper at later
date.  For now, here is what I found.

sanei_config_test is failing because its looking for a config file relative
to current directory but that doesn't work when you build and run from a
directory different from source.  We somehow need to pass $srcdir during
compiling and have it prepend that to config filename instead of looking in

Also, sanei_usb_test is  failing for me when ran from _build as well.  I'm
not sure the reason it works differently but I see that test_store_device()
is calling store_device() and there is a for() loop that checks each value
for devices[i].  A call to strcpy(devices[i].devname, device.devname) is
crashing because devices[i].devname is a NULL pointer (whole structure
except for devices[i].method are null vaules as matter of fact).

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