[sane-devel] scanbd with old udev version

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 22:40:33 UTC 2013


I am trying to convert a WD MyBook into a scanner server. Sane detects the
scanner and I was able to scan, but I cannot get scanbd to work.

May this be related to the fact that I am using a *very* old udev version
(0.125-7+lenny3) which cannot be upgraded? Check the debug output below.
How can I get scanbd running on my system?

Thanks for helping me out!

/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: foreground
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: config-file: /usr/local/etc/scanbd/scanbd.conf
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: reading config file
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: debug on: level: 7
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: dropping privs to uid saned
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: dropping privs to gid saned
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: drop privileges to gid: 109
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: Running as effective gid 109
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: drop privileges to uid: 104
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: Running as effective uid 104
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: dbus_init
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: dbus match
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: sane version 1.0
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: Scanning for local-only devices
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: start_sane_threads
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: start dbus thread
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: timeout: 500 ms
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: Iteration on dbus call
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: udev init
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: get udev monitor
libudev: udev_monitor_enable_receiving: bind failed: Operation not permitted
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: Can't enable udev receiving
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: Can't init udev
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: Iteration on dbus call
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: Iteration on dbus call
/usr/local/sbin/scanbd: Iteration on dbus call

Kind Regards,
Sander Devrieze
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