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YiHao at rst.ricoh.com YiHao at rst.ricoh.com
Fri Aug 23 10:24:34 UTC 2013

Dear Sir or Madam:
I was so pleased to received your reply,

I have some questions about using the debugging library,Can you give me
some advice?
If I want to debug the sane-backends(e.g. ricoh.c),
Please give me some advice for the following steps(Is there anything
1>CFLAGS="-g" ./configure --disable-shared BACKENDS="ricoh"
3>make install
4>... ...(How Can I make this step?)
I'm not sure, If I can get the debug information through the following
1>CFLAGS="-g" ./configure --disable-shared
3>make install

 "scanimage -L"  --Faild to get the debug information.
I can't get any sane-backends information by "scanimage -L",
Whether I must have a scanner device connected to My computer through USB
or SCSI ?

Thank you very much, Looking forward to your reply.
Best Regard
Yours Sincerely,  Yihao


We have a debugging library which is part of sane-backends. It allows you
to set an environment variable, and which causes the backend to print
messages to STDERR. If your backend is part of sane-backends, you can use
this library. If you backend is outside of sane-backends, you can certainly
setup something similar in your backend. You should not have to recompile
the frontend.


On Thu, Aug 22, 2013 at 6:46 AM,  <YiHao at rst.ricoh.com>wrote:

Dear Sir or Madam:

I want to know,
How can I debug the sane-backend by frontend(e.g. scanimage),

How to enter the backend's breakpoint,
Do I need to compile the frontend if I want to know  whether the backend
receives the Frontend command.

Can you give me some advise, Thank you.
Best Regard

Yours Sincerely, Yihao

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