[sane-devel] Schedule for release of sane-backends 1.0.24

viresh viresh_shirol at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Aug 24 21:02:05 UTC 2013

On Saturday 24 August 2013 10:46 PM, m. allan noah wrote:
> It has been 1 year since our last release, so here we go again:
> Timetable:
> Sept 15, 2013: Feature freeze (only bugs, translation and doc updates)
> Sept 22, 2013: Code freeze (only horrible bugs, translation and doc updates)
> Sept 29, 2013: Release
> Note, it is highly likely that there are patches from end users which
> we failed to apply. If you know of such a case, please speak up, so we
> can start a dialog about including them in the release.
> During the period leading up to the release, it would be helpful if we
> could get some builds on various platforms, and tests done with
> various scanners. The sooner we discover problems, the better.
> allan
Hi Allan,

I was wondering if you have any ideas about how we can overcome the 
limitation of toupper() function in libc w.r.t. Turkish language.
This is not a very important item according to my knowledge,but if we 
have any ideas that can be used ,it would be very helpful.
The issue details are as below,
(note that this is related to 
In case of Pardus linux ,Turkish version with XSane frontend, the 
backend does not output debug logs for some backends.
This is due to  limitation of toupper() function w.r.t.  character 'i' 
when locale is set to turkish.
As  toupper('i') is 'i' (i.e. still the small i) ,the SANE_DEBUG_RICOH  
etc would not work correctly.

Root cause:
Env variable set by user as mentioned in the man page is as below
     export SANE_DEBUG_RICOH=4

Sane's search logic's final string generated  for ricoh backend would 
be  SANE_DEBUG_RiCOH    --->note mismatch for i

As the code searches for incorrect env. variable, the debug level 
requested by user is ignored.

Transient conclusions:
Current known side effect of the issue is "debug logs will not be 
available for Turkish OS ,with XSane frontend ,for all the backends 
which have character i in their name"

1>Though I have grepped for getenv ,toupper calls in the backend code, I 
believe only the debug related env. variable is affected by language 
     However I could see SANE_CONFiG_DiR too somewhere in the log but 
could not confirm the side effects due to lack of knowledge of the 
entire code.
     If it's only related to debug logging and nothing else serious we 
can ignore this issue at the moment.
2>As I am not sure about the other similar scenarios, if necessary I can 
send a patch specific to turkish language.
     As I am not an expert on the language I guess the changes would be 
somewhat hardcoded for character i and local TR.If there is any turkish 
member in the group,it would be very much helpful.

Sorry for bugging you with such items when there are many imp patches to 
be covered but just......


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