[sane-devel] Canonscan N 650U LIDE Scanner does not scan but makes terrible noise

Andrea Vai andrea.vai at unipv.it
Thu Aug 29 06:24:43 UTC 2013

Hi, just for completeness:
Il giorno gio, 29/08/2013 alle 08.11 +0200, Gerhard Jäger ha scritto:
> > I was concerned more about power since I 
> > noticed when connected into a cable powered hub it actually makes the 
> > noise nearly all the time and other times read errors are produced.
Well, here instead I discovered that if I connect the scanner through a
powered USB hub, sane does not recognize it... I am going to do some
other attempts and write to the list about this specific issue
> > Interestingly the specifications for the scanner want a 1.5M cable or 
> > less from canons website which means probably a very short cable since 
> > they seem to come in standard lengths.
> This point seems also to be important. I was not aware that Andrea has
> connected its scanner to an USB hub.
Mmh, that might play a role, indeed. I am using a 3m cable and will try
to find a shorter one.


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