[sane-devel] scanbd daemon does not load firmware

Wilhelm wilhelm.meier at fh-kl.de
Sat Aug 31 05:29:18 UTC 2013

Am 31.08.2013 02:28, schrieb Ilya V. Ivanchenko:
> Thanks, that clarifies the situation and also explains what you meant by
> the callback. This external hook should be given in configuration file,
> like in /etc/scanbd/scanbd.conf. Do you have a name you'd like for that
> option?

Well, could imagine "prepare_script" as an option name for the 
scriptname. It's value should be an absolute path name or a relative 
pathname, where the same rules apply as for all scripts (see scriptdir 
option). And I would to pass it at most the same env vars the action 
scripts receive. And additionally an env variable called "WHEN" (or make 
it configurable) with the values "inserted" or "removed" or thelike.

I'm looking forward to your contribution!
w.meier at unix.net

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