[sane-devel] 9000f mk ii overexposed film scans

Norayr Chilingarian norayr at arnet.am
Thu Dec 12 09:55:20 UTC 2013


I have chosen canoscan 9000f mark ii because I needed an affordable 
film scanner which is supported by sane.

Yesterday, I have built sane-backends from git and my scanner got 
recognized by xsane.
I can scan in all three modes (flatbed, infrared, transparent).

What I am interested in, whatever I do when scanning the film, the 
resulting picture is too bright. I don't think there are settings I did 
not notice, I feel like I have tried every possible settings combination.

When I save that picture as png or tiff, I can get normal picture in gimp, 
by applying Color - Levels - auto levels. Only after that I can get good 
looking picture. Otherwise it's too bright, like very overexposed.

Is it normal? What can cause it? May it be that's because I did not use 
git version of xsane? (only sane-backends are built from git)

I loose quality if I get overexposed picture from xsane, and then apply 
auto levels in gimp, right?

Thank you!


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