[sane-devel] Epson V600 Photo

George Clark geosane at fenachrone.com
Mon Dec 16 02:40:55 UTC 2013

On 12/15/2013 08:34 PM, Olaf Meeuwissen wrote:
> George Clark writes:
>> I've got a Epson V600 Photo which used to work with iscan backend,
>> although it was quite slow during initial startup.
> Any ball park figures as to how slow?  Something like 30 seconds or 3
> minutes might hint at USB timeouts.

Yes it used to take a couple of minutes to start up.   I don't think
I've ever timed it,  other than it would eventually scan.   Timeout is
the same,  but it just ends instead of becoming operational.
>> However with recent system updates, it's completely stopped working.
>> The scanner is proven to work fine on Windows.
>> System is gentoo.   Recently updated to kernel 3.10.17
> Anything else that has changed between the last time the scanner worked
> and now?  Of most interest are changes in the libraries that the plugin
> depends on because my first guess would be a failure to load the plugin.
Hm   That's difficult to know.  I don't use the scanner a lot.    I do
tend to keep the system up to date,  but generally with builds flagged
"stable" by gentoo.   I know in the past year a lot has changed. 
multiple kernel bumps,  updated init system,   multiple versions of
libusb, udev, usbutils,  ...  There have been 4 or 5 versions installed
over the past year.   Current releases are 


  Looking back in the build logs for the scanner specific code:

 Mar 10  2012 media-gfx:iscan-2.26.2:20120310-204751.log

I think this version was working, as it was prior to our "tax time" here.

Jun 25 18:33 media-gfx:iscan-data-
Oct 13 22:28 media-gfx:iscan-plugin-gt-x820-

I really don't know if it was working after either of these updates. 
> Hmm, can you create a log with the debugging output for the epkowa
> backend enabled?
>   SANE_DEBUG_EPKOWA=hex scanimage -h 2> help.log > /dev/null
>   SANE_DEBUG_EPKOWA=hex scanimage > scan.log > /dev/null
> Please compress the logs before sending them to the list.  They tend to
> get a bit verbose ;-)

Attached to this reply.  ( I assume you have a typo in the 2nd command, 
you want 2> captured to the file,  though the resulting logs are nearly

Thanks for looking at this for me.


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