[sane-devel] New hardware report, patches: Canon PIXMA MX920/MX922, pixma_mp150.c

Rolf Bensch rolf at bensch-online.de
Mon Dec 16 18:55:39 UTC 2013

I just committed your patch to the git tree, before I'll forget it.


Am 08.11.2013 22:38, schrieb Rolf Bensch:
> Am 06.11.2013 02:50, schrieb human2013odd at icebubble.org:
>> Rolf Bensch <rolf at bensch-online.de> writes:
>>> Please check scanner's raw data with this patch:
>> <snip />
>> With that patch applied, the raw data exhibits the same color shifting.
>> See attached PNM.
> Please check color shifting for all resolutions. By now the scanners
> don't need any color shifting @ 75dpi. It seems that your scanner needs
> different color shift handling.
>>> There is a well known bug for ADF scans. If you like I can send you some
>>> test code so that we can fix this issue. I have no ADF scanner to test
>>> this by myself.
>> Sure, I'd be happy to test it.
> I attached patch files for pixma.c and for pixma_mp150.c.
> The problem seems to be inside pixma.c or pixma_common.c. Pixma backend
> uses two independent processes for scanner control:
> (1) send scan parameters and start / stop around reader_loop() in
> pixma.c and pixma_common.c which call functions in pixma_mp150.c.
> (2) read image data using sane_read() in pixma.c.
> Until last summer pthread support was disabled by default. This avoided
> data exchange between both processes. Now we have 2 threads which can
> use e.g. the struct ss for data exchange.
> You can see functional behaviour with enabled debug messages: 'export
> SANE_DEBUG_PIXMA=4'. You can use macro PDBG (pixma_dbg (4, ...)) to add
> additional debug info.
> After the last page the scanner is programmed to scan an empty page and
> detect paper empty.
> At the first page the scanner is initialised with start_session(s) and
> after the last page the scanner is closed with abort_session(s), both in
> pixma_mp150.c. Between scanning single pages the scanner stays idle. You
> can find all scanner related functions in pixma_mp150.c.
> An interesting value is the no. of scanned ADF pages which is controlled
> with the parameters sp->adf_pageid or s->param->adf_pageid and
> ss->page_count.
>>> Your scanner should also button controlled. Please test this patch:
>> <snip />
>> With that patch applied, the button status is correctly reflected by
>> "scanimage -A", and the buttons can be used in --button-controlled=yes
>> mode.  However, button control is buggy:
>>  1. If you press Gray to cancel, scanimage exits as expected, but the
>>     scanner sits there (waiting for something) and can't be used.  After
>>     about 30 seconds, it times out, and the scanner can be used again.
>>  2. If you press one of the buttons before scanimage has a chance to
>>     poll button status, the scanner does the same thing (just wait).
>>     After the scanner times out and comes back to reality, a subsequent
>>     button press is received and processed by scanimage correctly.
> Please check if you can see any differences in the USB protocols in both
> cases. You can enable debug output for USB protocols with 'export
> I'm using scanbd for button controlled scanning. I attached my config files.
> Cheers,
> Rolf

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