[sane-devel] SANE 1.0.24 with LSB 5.0 problem

Michael Hsieh muhsieh at eitc.epson.com
Fri Dec 20 01:39:36 UTC 2013


I am working with SANE 1.0.24 with LSB 5.0.  When compiling, it returns error "expected identifier or '(' before 'typedef '" at sanei_jpge.h, I traced back its code and found that there is a problem at sanei_cderror.h, it has warning about  "data definition has no type or storage class" for JMESSAGE(JMSG_FIRSTADDONCODE=1000, NULL).  But, in SANE 1.0.23 version with the same LSB 5.0, it works well for this part.

Can someone help me to check what change to cause this problem?  Thanks!
Michael Hsieh

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