[sane-devel] Doc for USB capture? Re: SANE support for Visioneer Roadwarrior2?

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Mon Feb 11 13:37:38 UTC 2013


On 13-02-11 12:34 AM, stef wrote:
> ... Adding support for such a scanner
> requires having one and doing reverse-engineering of the USB protocol by
> analyzing how it works under windows.

In my brief reading of sane-devel, this advice seems to come up fairly
frequently. As it reads, it can sound quite daunting, but really it is
actually quite simple to do with a VM running on Linux.

Is there a specific doc or page that folks can be pointed to describing
all of the steps in, say, VirtualBox? If there isn't already, having
just gone through this process for 313955, I can probably put together a
doc describing how to do this if it would be useful.


-- psoob

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