[sane-devel] Support for Benq Scanwit 2720S

Andrew Goodbody ajg02 at elfringham.co.uk
Sun Feb 24 23:23:51 UTC 2013


I was working with Oliver Schwartz to add support to the snapscan 
backend for the Benq Scanwit 2720S, a SCSI film scanner. This was 
greatly helped by also referring to the incomplete scanwit backend by 
Max Ushakov. Oliver has not responded to my emails for several weeks 
now. There was a problem early on when my email landed in his spam 
folder but he does not have much time spare at the moment anyway and his 
replies often took some time to come back so I am not sure if he is just 
busy or my emails are going astray.
I have a patch ready that I would like to be reviewed and then possibly 
committed. Is anyone in contact with Oliver? Is there someone else who 
can look at this patch?


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