[sane-devel] Problems with xsane

Beate Silbermann beate.silbermann at t-online.de
Thu Feb 28 07:33:43 UTC 2013


I have any problems with xsane and scan.
I have a Canon PIXMA MP490 multi-function peripheral. I installed the 
print driver from canon. Printing allready works fine. But I can't scan 
with ist. Allways when I open xsane and hit scan, I lose my network 
connection and the scan doesn't work.

About the Forum Help "ubuntuusers" I tried this:

~$ scanimage -L
device `pixma:04A9173C_107BD3' is a CANON Canon PIXMA MP490 multi-function peripheral

and than

~$ scanimage -d "pixma:04A9173C_107BD3" --format tiff > rawr.tiff

But he doesn't work an he describe: scanimage: open of device pixma:04A9173C_107BD3 failed: Invalid argument

Now I don't know what can I do and I hope you can help me. I'm a beginner and I have installed Xubuntu 12.04 with xfce Desktop only been a half year.

I'm looking forward to get some help from you. Let  me know, if you need some information.

Kind regards
Beate Silbermann

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