[sane-devel] Status of HP Scanjet N8460 (with ADF) not on supported devices page.

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Tue Jan 8 17:48:50 UTC 2013

(nailora from #sane suggested I post this here. Thanks!)

I've recently acquired an HP Scanjet N8460, which I note is not on the
list of devices on the sane-project web site. Looking at the 'supported
devices' page shows that similar models appear to use the avision
driver. I'm plugging it into a laptop running current Ubuntu (12.04 LTS).

lsusb lists it as 03f0:3b05.

sudo sane-find-scanner gives this:
found USB scanner (vendor=0x03f0 [HP], product=0x3b05 [HP Scanjet
N8400]) at libusb:002:004

sudo scanimage -L gives 'no scanners identified' etc

I added the usb ids to the avision.conf file (in /etc/sane.d/), sudo
scanimage -L reports device " `avision:libusb:002:004' is a
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 8200 flatbed scanner"

I attempted to do some scans using gscanpdf (needed to run as root) but
had ADF issues (jamming). I ran out of time before I could get further,
but am ready to revisit and carry out whatever tests might be useful.

A bug has been filed as '[#313955] HP Scanjet N8460 (with ADF)'.

One thing I did notice in online searches, but thought erroneous, was
that there were 'keyboard drivers' for Windows for this device. In
hindsight, looking at the number of keys on the outside of the device,
and the features I understand the Windows software provides, this
probably indicates that a client app receives info from the scanner.

I don't normally run Windows, but have a properly-licensed XP
installation in a VirtualBox VM on which I could install the client app
on if there is interest in USB data capture. I've never done it, but am
currently researching how to.

Thanks in advance, -- p

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