[sane-devel] Perfection 610: cannot scan in color

Olaf Meeuwissen olaf.meeuwissen at avasys.jp
Wed Jan 9 07:19:55 UTC 2013

Evil Mr Henry writes:

> Basically, "scanimage -v -d epson2:libusb:003:005 --format png > 
> outfile.png" works, but "scanimage -v --mode color -d 
> epson2:libusb:003:005 --format png > outfile.png" throws the classic 
> "invalid argument"

Shouldn't that be "--mode Color", with a capital C?

> (It is, in fact, an Epson Perfection 610 USB scanner.)
> This is a new computer; the scanner worked on my old computer in much 
> the same setup.

What version of sane backends and which backend did you use there?

> Running Mint (Ubuntu) 64bit, Sane 1.0.22-7ubuntu1
> The following is the output after setting "export SANE_DEBUG_EPSON2=255":
> scanimage -v --mode color -d epson2:libusb:003:005 --format png > 
> outfile.png

I've gone through the log and it's clear from that that this is a bug in
the epson2 backend.  It fails to take into account the line distance
when computing the maximum scan area, leading to a maximum that is too
big.  You can work around the issue by using "--br-y 297.18" (i.e. 11.7

Hope this helps,
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