[sane-devel] obtaining sane-recognised driver for Samsung mfp-3400

Julien Michielsen michkloo at xs4all.nl
Tue Jan 15 16:16:22 UTC 2013

Hello Julien,

thank you for your email.

My pleasure ;-)
I receive your answer in the digest. I copied your question
to my e-mail-program, but this does not show clearly what part
is yours, and what is mine. I suppose you'll remember what is
yours, and in addition I'll put __ above my text.

  I have actually tried installing different versions of the Samsung
Unified Driver, including the one you have used.

I have a 64-bit architecture, Qt4 is installed, the GUI installer
works (the uninstaller doesn't, however).
As far as I can see the structure of the 32- and of the 64-lines
are identical.

 The GUI installer tells me that it cannot find the SANE API, but I
suspect this is distribution-specific issue, as SANE API is installed
(unless there is some magic package with a totally different name...).
I can choose to proceed with the installation without SANE, so I did
just that.

I got the same message and did not worry about it

Now, in Samsung Configurator, when I select scanners, it says there is
no scanner is present.

Did not use the Configueator.  In SuSE Yast. however. it shows up under
hardware/scanners and is listed as "SAMSUNG SCX-3400 series on USB:0 at
smfp: SAMSUNG SCX-3400 series on USB:0"

 I also tried suldr's repository, to no avail.

Would you mind running these commands *as root* and sending me the
samsung_scx_3400.txt file? These commands only collect scanner related
information, nothing mo/home/julien/local/UnifiedLinuxDriver/cdroot/Linux/i386/qt4/install/guiinstallre.

Do not understand what commands you mean.  For me the standard instal-
lation (execution of 
) worked fine, and put my machine nicely in shape.  Don't think I can do much
more than telling the things I have done.


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