[sane-devel] Scanner Button Daemon [scanbd]: conf and script files for Canoscan 9000F

Nelson haha at mehr4u.de
Fri Jan 25 07:43:23 UTC 2013

> Hi list,
> After fixing button support for my CS9000F (already committed to git), I
> installed scanbd on my Ubuntu 12.04 system. During some testing I
> created a scanbd conf file and two script files, which I want to share
> with the ml.
> Save 'cs9000f.conf' and 'cs9000f.sh' to
> '/usr/local/etc/scanbd/scanner.d/' and scanb to '/usr/local/bin/'. Then
> 'sudo chmod 755 [path]scanb' and 'sudo chmod 755 [path]cs9000f.sh'. Last
> but not least you must append this line to
> '/usr/local/etc/scanbd/scanbd.conf': 'include(scanner.d/cs9000f.conf)'.
> It is recommended that you setup scanbd before you can use any scanner.
> There are several manuals in the internet, e.g.
> http://thehomeserverhandbook.com/2012/03/03/scanbd_part1/ or
> http://www.mehr4u.de/component/k2/item/99-mit-scanbd-scannertasen-an-einem-canon-mx700-nutzen.html
> ...
> Some background infos:
> The CS9000F has 7 push buttons: Auto Scan, PDF Color, PDF Gray, PDF
> User, PDF End, Copy and E-Mail.
> scanbd is reading all buttons as '--target' [1..7] from sane, button
> 'PDF End' (target 5) as '--button-2' and all other buttons (targets 1-4
> and 6-7) as '--button-1' from sane. You can check the scanner buttons
> behaviour with 'scanimage -A'.
> 'cs9000f.conf' is the configuration file of scanbd and converts sane
> targets to scanbd actions.
> 'cs9000f.sh' is the shell script which is called at every push button.
> The button equivalent scanbd actions are: auto-scan, pdf-color,
> pdf-gray, pdf-user, pdf-end, copy and email.
> Please adapt $SCANDIR and $PRINTER in 'cs9000f.sh' to your system's needs.
> 'scanb' is a wrapper script for the scanbd daemon, so that scanbd isn't
> blocking my scanner. I can use 'xsane' for scanning from a gui with
> preview and 'scanbd' for button controlled stupid scanning multiple
> pages. 'scanb' can be called with scanimage's scan options which are
> passed on the auto-scan action.
> Please feel free to send me any feedback.
> Cheers,
> Rolf
> <cs9000f.conf>
> <cs9000f.sh>
> <scanb>
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please use the next time the corrected link.  http://www.mehr4u.de/component/k2/item/99-mit-scanbd-scannertasten-an-einem-canon-mx700-nutzen.html

Best Regards

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