[sane-devel] [scanbd] CanoScan 210 buttons "off by one"

Hans Schou hans.schou at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 13:16:09 UTC 2013

> You installed scripts for options
> "scan", "email", "copy", "preview"
> you missed: "file"

> The naming and function of the buttons are in total control of the
backend not scanbd. So, I think that "preview" isn't a button. Try to use
the option "file" instead.

Ahh, in the scanbd.conf file. Thanks.

I know got the following working:

Button -> scanbd action
1. Scan start -> (not working)
2. Finish -> scan
3. Auto scan -> copy
4. Copy -> email
5. Email -> file

I guess I only can have 4 buttons working.

I was thinking of this could be detected automatically. If I search for
option 30-39 in syslog I got the list of those which is working:

# egrep -o 'found active option\[3[0-9]\] [^ ]+' /var/log/syslog | sort -u
found active option[30] scan
found active option[31] file
found active option[32] email
found active option[33] copy

Is that a general rule for other scanners as well?

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