[sane-devel] Canon DR-3010C - Intention to Test

Milko Simeonov msimeonov at INTEPRO-BG.COM
Fri Jul 5 08:33:27 UTC 2013

Hi Hakan,

A few months ago I provided access to such a scanner (with the flatbed
unit attached) and Stef was building a new driver for this model. It was
almost ready, but unfortunately I had to return the scanner and since
then I can't get it back for testing. So if you have such a device, you
may ask Stef to continue the development from where it stopped.

Milko Simeonov

>>> Hakan Bayındır<hakan.bayindir at pardus.org.tr> 07/05/13 11:21 AM >>>
Hello All,

I'm Hakan Bayindir, Technical Leader (and one of the developers) of the 
Pardus Distribution. For some time, I've been working on Canon DR-3010C 
scanner and made it work by copying 2510C's model init and renaming it. 
I've successfully used most of features including double-feed detection 
and duplex scanning. I want to contribute by testing the device and 
improving the drivers for the device. If you can guide me through the 
process, I'd be glad.

Best Regards,

Hakan Bayindir

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