[sane-devel] Xerox 3220 USB problem

ABC abc at telekom.ru
Mon Jul 8 08:39:04 UTC 2013

Alex Eftimie,

On Sun, Jun 30, 2013 at 01:56:08PM +0300, Alex Eftimie wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 30, 2013 at 1:31 PM, ABC <abc at telekom.ru> wrote:
> > It maybe be becasue (it is possible) that smfp using different scanning
> > mode, like different resolution. (And then doing some image conversion
> > internally.) xerox_mfp driver's settings are 'physical' for the device.
> Well, I'm setting the resolution myself, with --resolution=300 (the
> same for xerox_mfp and smfp). Also, I'm using as color mode: "Lineart"
> for xerox_mfp and "Black and White - Line Art" for smfp. But still 4
> seconds vs 10 seconds. Can I get 'physical' with smfp :D?

Regarding longer scans via smfp driver, I looked your usbmon logs. Scan
parameters seems to be nearly equal. And I see that smfp (1.mon.out)
driver send device INQUIRY reqest 4 times with interval from first to last
request ~3 seconds. Total time of smfp scan is 8.7 seconds. Total time
of xerox_mfp scan is 4.3 seconds. Image data reading time in both cases
is nearly 1 second. Time between first image request and image data flow
is ~3.5 seconds.  So I conclude that smfp driver spend difference in
time internally and actual speed of working with device and device
itself is the same.  Why is smfp driver spending time inernally?
Unknown. It may be just some hardcoded intervals between commands.

It seems your usbmon logs don't contain case when scanimage fail with
xerox_mfp driver. As I understand it would fail if `scanimage -L' will
be run twice (it will fail second time). So it will be useful to have
usbmon log of such case.


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