[sane-devel] Adding S1300i support

Ben Challenor ben at challenor.org
Sat Jun 8 21:47:19 UTC 2013

I was assuming/hoping that it would be closer to the S300 than the
S1100. The S1100 commit has been useful as a guide, but actually I'm
working off master. There's not much to see yet though; most of the
work so far has been in analyzing the protocol and dumping the magic

My branch is at https://github.com/bchallenor/sane-backends/tree/s1300i.

Perhaps you could... scan your notebook? ;)


On Sat, Jun 8, 2013 at 10:30 PM, Peter D'Hoye <peter.dhoye at gmail.com> wrote:
> H Ben,
>> I'm trying to add support for the S1300i to the epjitsu backend.
> So am I (although not active currently)
>> 1) There are quite a few commands used by the S1300i Windows driver
>> which aren't mentioned in epjitsu.c. All the unknown command sequences
>> I've seen are collected together in unknown-commands.log:
>> - b0/b2/b3/b4: these seem to set a byte (b0/b2 could be a boolean)
>> - b5/b6: these seem to get a u16 (b5 always gives 0x19, 0x00 and b6
>> always gives 0x10, 0x1e)
>> - d8: probably sets a boolean (I've seen both 0 and 1)
>> - e1: another byte/boolean
>> - 24: receives 256 (!) bytes (no idea what for, but it only appears in
>> init.log, not any of the scan logs)
>> Have you come across any of these before? If not, is there any Fujitsu
>> documentation? Or has the whole driver been reverse engineered?
>> 2) As assumed in epjitsu-cmd.h, most of the magic data I've extracted
>> is the same for a given resolution. However it seems that the c3/c4
>> cal headers are different for every combination of settings I've tried
>> (compare e.g. 300 at color-300-simplex-stop.pcap.h with
>> 300 at gray-300-simplex-stop.pcap.h). Could this actually be the case
>> with the S300 too? There are commented-out values for these for the
>> S300 so possibly there was some confusion as to their correct values.
>> 3) Do you have any tips for deducing the integer values in model_res?
>> Do you just work backwards from what the Windows driver transferred?
>> For example, I've got the scanner as far as the first c6 coarse cal
>> but it's under reading at the moment. The Windows driver reads 48584
>> bytes at 300dpi but epjitsu only attempts 24576 (line_stride 24576,
>> height 1) if I copy the S300 settings.
> I assume you started your work off patch 21?
> If you search back a bit in the mailinglists (mid March) you can find
> some USB dumps of me too... I have quite a few notes but they are in
> analog form (read: physical notebook). I got kinda stuck between doing
> the work based on s300 (which fails on coarsecal) or s1100 (which
> fails on coarsecal2).
> Allan Noah is the reference/author of the fujitsu backend, he told me
> everything he knows is in the sources but the comments are sometimes a
> bit thin.
> I'll dive into this again and I hope we can crack this one together :)
> Peter
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