[sane-devel] Fujitsu ScanSnap ix500 supported?

VK list-sane-devel at kutty.cc
Tue Mar 5 05:37:14 UTC 2013

m. allan noah <kitno455 <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Honestly, I always overwrite the system sane, but I'm a sane
> developer, and like my version better than anything the OS ships :) If
> you want to install in another directory, you have to do some tricks
> with ld or symbolic links to get programs to load them. See section
> 3.1 of http://www.sane-project.org/README.linux (recently updated)
> forget gdb, its basically never useful with sane. Instead, use our
> debugging env vars:
> SANE_DEBUG_DLL=255 scanimage -L
> That will show you the directories of the files it is using. Once that
> is loading the new libs, then we can debug the fujitsu backend with
> something similar:
> SANE_DEBUG_FUJITSU=15 scanimage -L
> SANE_DEBUG_FUJITSU=15 scanimage --mode=Color --resolution=300 >
> foo.pnm 2>foo.log
> allan

Thanks for the debugging tips. I also received a [private ?] response about this
issue being fixed in the 20130301 snapshot. Unfortunately, since that SEGV, my
scanner doesn't show up as far as the OS is concerned. Switched back to a
Windows machine that was working before, and that no longer sees it either.

Been too busy to troubleshoot further; multiple variables involved. Will have
another go over the weekend. It's annoying that this unit doesn't have a power
or reset button.

Know of any magic usb utils I could try to tickle it with?

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