[sane-devel] [PATCH] sanei usb improvements

Stef stef.dev at free.fr
Sun Mar 10 15:03:38 UTC 2013


     here is a cleaned-up patchset that splits device scanning logic 
from sanei_usb_init(),
add a sanei_usb_exit() to free allocated resources. I also brings some 
fixes and improvements. It also add a test program to test the changes done:

0001-split-device-scanning-logic-from-sanei_usb_init.patch :
     split device scanning from init in a new sanei_usb_scan_devices(). 
This function is still called by sanei_usb_init() to preserve current 
behaviour. sanei_usb_scan_devices() is split in smaller functions 
(instead a big one) dedicated to a particular scanning method.

0002-correct-debug-messages.patch :
     change debug messages since code some code has moved.

0003-add-sanei_usb_exit-function-create-a-sanei_usb_exit-.patch :
     create an sanei_usb_exit() function that free resources when the 
backend give up on
using USB.

0004-convert-genesys-backend-to-use-new-sanei_usb-functio.patch :
     convert the genesys backend to use the new functions.

0005-improve-missing-test-logic.patch :
     simplify some test on missing devices

0006-unused-and-reassigned-values-fixes.patch :
     fix some unused and reassigned values detected by cppcheck.

0007-white-space-cleanup.patch :
     white space cleanup

0008-rewrite-sanei_usb_get_vendor_product-rewrite-sanei_u.patch :
     rewrite sanei_usb_get_vendor_product with the same logic used in 

0009-fix-memleak-when-reusing-an-already-stored-device.patch :
     fix a memleak when not storing an already detected device.

0010-don-t-use-kernel-device-when-libusb-is-available.patch :
     use kernel device only when libusb isn't available.

0011-add-testsuite-sanei-for-sanei-test-programs.patch :
     add testsuite/sanei/sanei_usb_test.c program


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