[sane-devel] scanner not found

Albrecht Mehl mehl at freunde.tu-darmstadt.de
Wed Mar 27 06:51:42 UTC 2013

This whole business is quite annoying. Without external help vom Yuri 
and Olaf I would make no progress at all ... but even so the problem 
still exists.

1. Entering in page


perfection v 330 photo  and linux
gives no results. Only 'perfection v330 photo' works.

2. In the FAQ


one is directed to download the data package, the RPM package, and

3. The last file I could not find, just the iscan plugin package
from page 
This download resulted in


which is quite different from the file asked for in 2. Also the name in 
search results does not suggest that this is the esci-interpreter.

   Is this the correct file?
   If not: what is the exact name of the correct file, where do I get
   it  from?

4. I installed the file esci*.rpm - see 3.

5. This resulted in the scanner still being not configured according to 
yast2, configuration of the scanner... so the scanner is seen, but 
cannot be used.
6. Working on this single item in the scanner's list gave a long list
'choosing scanner model and driver'. My scanner is listed with the
following driver:

   Third-Party Image Scan driver software from Epson/Avasys required.
   Driver epkowa should give good functionality. (USB-ID 0x04b8:0x0142)
   [requires DFSG non-free esci-interpreter-perfection-v330]

7. Continue resulted in the message

     Driver can cause problems. The epkowa driver in 64-Bit x86_64
     can give trouble.

8. I continued even so. Result: the scanner moved for a short while,
but then the list 'configuration of the scanner' appeared and therein

   epkowa Epson ... an epkowa:interpreter
   not configured Epson Perfection ...

9. When giving OK to 8. and starting xsane to my amazement it worked.
I had stumbled over the words 'not configured'. So my  question in 3. 
needs not be answered.

By a good instruction manual and good naming - see the beginning of 3. - 
a lot of trouble for the user could be avoided.

Thank you both for your help.

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