[sane-devel] scanner suggestion

Brian DeRocher brian at derocher.org
Sun Mar 31 19:53:34 UTC 2013


Can i get a few suggestions for well supported document scanners.  I'd
like to archive books, magazines, college notes.  Here are my requirements:

* high volume - 2,000 pages per day
* scan 50+ sheets at a time
* page size 8.5 x 14
* well supported by SANE / Linux of course
* flatbed preferred, but not needed

I'm willing to buy new or used.  I'd like to spend around $800 - $1,000.

Two other questions:

(1) I found a database of features at http://www.scanstore.com.  Does
the SANE project have a better database?  I could not find one.

(2) Is the OCR on these scanners reliable or is it better to use
software-based OCR?


Brian DeRocher

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