[sane-devel] Pulstek OpticBook 3800

Nikolay Shaplov dhyan at nataraj.su
Sun May 5 14:12:02 UTC 2013

> did you see my email on the list? 
Yes, for technical reasons, previous mail I've sent did not properly get to 
the list, so I resend it without editing it. I wrote that letter before your 
letter, but it get to the list some days later...

> I tried to understand the protocol a
> bit. However, I'm not familiar with USB. If I had time, I guess I would
> try to talk to the GL845 using python (pyusb) in order to understand it
> better. If you stop working on the driver, please let me know; then I'll
> start learning USB.

Eh... I am not a driver developer at all... I will do my best when I have time 
and energy to get it to work, but this might take a long while...

I've created a branch at github 
in order to work on this problem. But I've met some strange problems (I will 
write about them in another letter) so after the creating of a branch the 
development stopped.

I think we should put your annotated usb sniff in a wiki there, in order to 
have all staff together.

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