[sane-devel] Canon DR-2580C only low resolutions

Carl Davis carl at carldavis.com
Fri May 24 15:05:53 UTC 2013


I have a Canon DR-2580C. If I scan at anything above a –resolution of 240
my attempted scan fails with:

"scanimage: open of device canon_dr:libusb:001:012 failed: Invalid argument"

This problem does not exist on 12.04(1.0.22-7ubuntu1) but does on 12.10 and
13.04 (1.0.23-0ubuntu1). I have run:

"SANE_DEBUG_CANON_DR=30 scanimage --resolution=300 > 2580-1.pnm

and attached the log file to this email. I have also run the same command
on 12.04 (which succeeds) but it is 8MB bzipped so I won't attach it to
list mail unless requested.


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