[sane-devel] improve scanbd for Debian

Wilhelm wilhelm.meier at fh-kl.de
Thu Dec 11 07:39:55 UTC 2014

Am 11.12.2014 um 07:51 schrieb Rolf Leggewie:
> Hello group,
> I'm happy to manage to get scanbd into Debian and replace scanbuttond.
> The package still has many rough edges and even for me as Maintainer
> does not work perfectly.  My local setup includes a Canon LiDE 35
> connected over USB. scanbd generally works fine when called straight
> from the command line as "scanbd -f" even for an ordinary user.  Buttons
> are recognized and scripts called.

Well, I see for in syslog.log

Nov 15 19:08:43 localhost scanbd: scanbd: exec for
Nov 15 19:08:43 localhost scanbd: scanbd: execlp: No such file or directory

which meens that your script isn't found ... but the action is triggered
from the scanner (once in this log).

> I recently added the upstream init script to the package (patched to
> include a call to status) and that doesn't seem to work properly.  My
> machine runs Ubuntu Trusty and sysvrc.  scanbd seems to start up fine
> from init as verified with "ps faux".
> saned    21838  0.0  0.0  33252  1552 ?        Sl   13:35   0:00
>   \_ /usr/sbin/scanbd -c /etc/scanbd/scanbd.conf
> But there is no reaction to button presses on the scanner.  I have
> uploaded one log with successful button presses when the program is
> started directly by the user and one where the program is started from
> init and no reactions occur. Hopefully someone can spot something in
> there or otherwise suggest something for triage to move this along.
> I also reported this as https://bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/1401389
> The attached tar-file contains the log from the console in
> scanbd.console-log and from syslog in scanbd-syslog.log
> First is a startup via init (19:00:53 to 19:07:46, lines 71 to 503).
> This is followed by a call to scanbd straight from the user command line
> (19:08:04 to 19:08:56, lines 504 to 1999). The Canon device is found in
> both cases (19:07:42, line 84 and 19:08:07, line 517). A "file" button
> press is registered at 19:08:42 that triggers the copy.script (line
> 1655). Line numbers refer to the syslog since only that one has time-stamps.
> Regards
> Rolf

w.meier at unix.net

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