[sane-devel] Neat NM-1000

Kentrell Johnson kentrell.johnson at yandex.com
Wed Jan 15 12:13:17 UTC 2014

>     this scanner has been identified as a gl846 based scanner. See
> https://alioth.debian.org/tracker/?func=detail&group_id=30186&aid=312366&atid=410369

Much thanks for the link.  The most recent comments seem to indicate the
chip is actually a GL123.  (Some relation to the GL846?)  Unfortunately
SANE only has support for the GL124.

What is a good basic approach to try to add the GL123?  My best ideas:

- Search for a GL123 datasheet (Baidu, etc.)
- Adapt the GL124 backend.
- Reverse engineer Windows or OS X drivers.

I'm not sure which, if any, of those ideas are likely to lead to any


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