[sane-devel] hi, i'm the new debian maintainer for sane-backends

Mark Buda hermit at acm.org
Thu Jan 23 01:26:39 UTC 2014

Hi, I'm the new Debian maintainer for sane-backends. I thought I should
introduce myself. I've been meaning to contribute to Debian for a long
time (17 years?) but every time I found something I was seriously
interested in, somebody else had done it already. Recently, when I
bought a Canon MX452, and needed sane-backends 1.0.24 to make it work, I
figured I'd actually make myself useful since I was packaging it for
myself anyway.

Also, I used to work on scanner drivers in real life. It was a very long
time ago (early 90s), and they were mostly high-end SCSI scanners (e.g.,
120+ double-sided pages/minute).

So, um, hi.
Mark Buda <hermit at acm.org>
I get my monkeys for nothing and my chimps for free.

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