[sane-devel] Cascading saned servers

Jens-U. Mozdzen jmozdzen at nde.ag
Tue Jul 1 11:32:32 UTC 2014

Hi *,

this is a resend of my message from June 18 - any hints on how I might  
improve my description, in order to find someone willing to share some  


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I'm attempting to use cascading saned servers, in other words: I'm  
trying to share a scanner that is reachable from the "saned" system  
via its network back-end.

Technically, this works. Unfortunately, either saned or the clients  
are not prepared for this, as the network scanners are not not listed  
via "xsane" nor "scanimage -L".

The manual pages and network resources I found during my search seem  
ambiguous: Some people talk about "scanners local to the saned  
server", while the man page says "[saned] allows remote clients to  
access image acquisition devices available on the local host", which  
includes those reachable via network, too.

I've tested with saned from sane-backends-1.0.20-7.6.1 (SLES11SP3) and  
scanimage from sane-backends-1.0.23-9.2.3.i586 (Opensuse 13.1) and  

Machines involved:
- client machine (Opensuse 13.1)
- central saned server (SLES11SP3) "sanedserver.company.com"
- remote saned server (i.e. Opensuse 13.1)

When specifying the network scanner via "scanimage -d  
net:sanedserver.company.com:net:anothersanedserver.company.com:somedriver:somescanner" on the client machine, I can scan successfully, although running "scanimage -L" wouldn't list that device. "xsane" users are left out, as they're presented the same list as the one from "scanimage -L" , thus not seeing the cascaded scanner on the client  

Running "scanimage -L" on the central saned server will list the  
remote scanner.

We're using this design because of hub&spoke configurations, where  
remote saned servers will only permit the central server in their  
/etc/saned.conf and all clients connect only to the central saned  

To be precise, it's the device listing that doesn't seem to work.  
Probably the central saned server doesn't report network-connected  
scanners to its clients. Is this "working as designed", or have I hit  
a bug?


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