[sane-devel] Canoscan Lide 210 - Green Bands on the left margin

Thorsten Müller thorsten at mueller-kleinheinz.de
Wed Jul 9 10:46:20 UTC 2014

Am Dienstag, 8. Juli 2014, 22:07:42 schrieb Toni LDG:
> Hi all.


> I just received a Canoscan LiDE 210 and just try to get it working
> properly.
> Just noticed that when using it in Linux, the results of any kind of
> scan shows a couple of small green bands on the left side, vertical
> and about 1 cm width.
> The strange thing is that those bands are Not shown when scanning from
> Micrososft Windows with the Canon suplied driver.
> There image there is perfect. It seems to only affect Sane.
> I've tried both on Debian unstable and on Ubuntu 14.04 but same
> results.
> Also tried re-calibrating the scanner from Windows several times, but
> same issue.
> Removing the calibration file and again.
> Also from different front-ends (xsane and skanlite) same results.
> The fact that only affects Linux makes me wonder if is some kind of
> software issue or is a faulty hardware.
> I am in time to return it but just wanna know first if i am doing
> something wrong, or is a software issue.

I can see the slight colour error on the left margin of your Linux scan, 
though I had to look very carefully. I did a check with my own LiDE 210 
and could not find any colour distortions - so it might be a hardware 
error, though it amazes me that the Windows scan software removes the 
colour errors.

Perhaps it depends on the sane version? My version is

,----[  ]
| [12:28] tm at dungeonmaster:~ $ scanimage -V
| scanimage (sane-backends) 1.0.24; backend version 1.0.24


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