[sane-devel] Canon MX430 / MX510 / MX925 - does not recover when ADF out of paper

Rolf Bensch rolf at bensch-online.de
Fri May 2 18:16:44 UTC 2014

Hi Matthias,

Am 02.05.2014 18:40, schrieb Matthias Peter Walther:
> [...]
> But I think there are still issues. I scanned 3 pages. And if I cause a
> paper input error for example by holding it back with my hand, I can
> press cancel and OK on the scanner, restart scanimage and it will work.
> This seems to be fixed now.


> But: The pages have the wrong aspect ratio, they are far too long.

You need to set the true paper size when you call scanimage. Otherwise
the scan will always have 638 x 1050 pixels @ 75 dpi (216 x 355.6 mm).

> And
> the "resolution"-parameter is ignored. I scanned with 300dpi and the
> images have just around 2MB and are of low quality.

Please check the scan parameters with 'export SANE_DEBUG_PIXMA=4':

[pixma] pixma_scan(): start
[pixma]   line_size=1914 image_size=1678578 channels=3 depth=8
[pixma]   dpi=75x75 offset=(0,0) dimension=638x877
[pixma]   gamma_table=(nil) source=0
[pixma]   threshold=127 threshold_curve=0
[pixma]   ADF page count: 0

Here you can also see the image dimension (expected paper size).

> I don't know why, but with patch1-5 it worked better. Did you change
> something or did you just sum up the patches? I'm still unsure, if it's
> a problem with my setup...

I just summed up the patches as a final check before committing them to
git sources.

> [...]


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