[sane-devel] Problem with Avision D2+

leandro ruiz leandro.asds at gmail.com
Wed May 7 12:17:23 UTC 2014


I'm appending  the AV220D2 + scanner to backend as follows:


      0x0638, 0x1A31,

      "Avision", "AV220D2+",


But in lineart mode, the resulting image is all black. If I set 512 as size
for the gamma table (gamma_table_raw_size = gamma_table_size = 512, in
 SANE_Status send_gamma (Avision_Scanner * s)) this work.
In addition, there is a problem in obtaining SANE_STATUS_EOF in the
reader_process method. In the following cases:
1 - read rear line: only emit a eof status. The following status  returned
is SANE_STATUS_OK, with data of the following page (see image1).
2 - read front lines: In this case emit a eof status  per side of the page.

In last read, when the scanner returns an eof status, a striped band is
obtained at the bottom  if you scan in lineart mode(see Image2), or gray
stripe , if set  color or gray mode.

The scanner has the following characteristics:
- [avision] attach: [91] ASIC 8
- Bits per channel: 1, 8, 16

Sane-backends: 1.0.25
OS : Open Suse 12.1

The images were obtained using xsane

I await your response.
Best Regards!
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