[sane-devel] CCD sensor scanner

wally wally at voosen.eu
Mon May 26 07:09:46 UTC 2014

Dear Sane experts,

i want to make a spectrometer as a school project and i still hope
my idea to modify an old scanner and using its CCD to USB interface
is possible.
Main idea is to modify the optics and stop the motor by code or mechanical,
but keep the device still scanning and delivering data on the USB output.
Do you think, its possible in general or are there unsolvable problems ?

For doing so, i want to ask for some initial help and gather several
informations first. e.g.:

Which is the most simple USB Scanner with ccd linear sensor and
good supported by sane-project ?

Is there an already existing project with similar approach already known ?

Are there simple examples available how to use the sane libraries in C++
(qt-creator, qt 5.2)

thank you for any hint, idea and further infos

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