[sane-devel] HP 5590 ADF end of page

Rainer Keller mail at rainerkeller.de
Sun Nov 9 21:36:33 UTC 2014

Hi Ilia,

thanks for your answer.

> Hence, can you please conduct the following:
> - redo scanning with ADF duplex, same parameters as you did previously
> but with grayscale, and look for potential pixel indicator value?
> - same as previous attempt, but with BW?
> - same as first one but with paper size intentionally set smaller than
> sheet being fed?
> Then please report back your findings.
I did these tests, see below.

> Unfortunately, I don't have access to the scanner model so will
> totally rely on your input.
What happened to yours?

I did all the tests with 3 pages in the ADF. Each test was done with and 
without duplex.

For all non-duplex tests there is one extra line behind the pixel increasing 
with every page by one.

For all duplex scans before the ending pixel there are approx. 60 extra lines 
of white space. Thus the page is larger than expexted and the resulting offset 
adds up with every page. With 3 pieces of paper 7 output files are generated 
with the last one containing part of a page.

In most cases the duplex results are the same than the non-duplex. Only the 
last one was different.

scanimage -l 0 -t 0 -x 210 -y 297 --resolution 300 --mode Color  --
source="ADF" --batch

0,0,170 pixel at end of each page
0,0,255 pixel at end of last page

Same for duplex.

scanimage -l 0 -t 0 -x 210 -y 297 --resolution 300 --mode Gray  --source="ADF" 

170,170,170 pixel at end of each page
255,255,255 pixel at end of last page

Same for duplex.

scanimage -l 0 -t 0 -x 210 -y 297 --resolution 300 --mode Lineart  --
source="ADF" --batch

255,255,255 pixel at end of each page.
Maybe some color/gray value was removed by the backend. (I saw a convert to 
lineart function there.)

scanimage -l 100 -t 100 -x 10 -y 10 --resolution 300 --mode Color  --
source="ADF" --batch

0,0,170 at end of page

Unfortunately one page is skipped. There are only 2 output files generated. The 
scanner pulled all 3 pages and does the scan sound on every page after fast 
forwarding to the scan area but for some reason no file is generated.

scanimage -l 100 -t 100 -x 10 -y 10 --resolution 300 --mode Color  --
source="ADF Duplex" --batch

This seems not to work, The scanner is scanning the whole page and there are 
lots of output files generated. Each image is 119x119 pixels. All the images 
have the black pixels on their right. In output image number 20 there also is 
the blue pixel just before a new page starts. I aborted the scan.

- Rainer

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