[sane-devel] plustek opticpro U12

Jethro Tull heavytull at hotmail.com
Sat Nov 22 17:28:34 UTC 2014

I'm using sane v. 1.0.24 with xsane v. 0.998, the default packages in slackware 14.1. My scanner is a Plustek opticpro U12. 
$ lsusb
[ ...]
Bus 001 Device 006: ID 07b3:0001 Plustek, Inc. OpticPro 1212U Scanner
While it seems to work very fine in windows, it almost does't work at all in linux. 
First, sometimes I  can't access it as a user but only super user and sometimes I can as a user. While I set the permissions as they should be done with my linux distribution. 
Second, once sane found the device and I run "preview" I can hear a very brief bsound of an attempt for a move of the trolley and then it suddenly hangs and I can't close xsane. I need to kill the process from a terminal. In the past, 2 to 3 yrs back it was always working nicely in linux. 

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