[sane-devel] UsbSnoop for Canon DR-C225

Nicolas Marchildon nicolas at marchildon.net
Wed Apr 1 13:57:48 UTC 2015

Le mar. 31 mars 2015 à 21:56, Nicolas Marchildon <nicolas at marchildon.net> a
écrit :

> Can you get another usb log from windows, but this time with a low
>> resolution, color duplex scan, of only the top of the paper? If the
>> front side could have RGB written in those colors, and the back side
>> could be blank or have black writing, that would help.
> I'll do that tomorrow. I have attached what I plan to scan. I assume a
> large font is going to make it easier to spot.

I cut the bottom of the sheet off in an attempt to reduce file size, but
it's slightly bigger. I can't go lower than 150 dpi.

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