[sane-devel] Canon D646U support

Paul Manners paul.manners at gmail.com
Tue Apr 7 07:28:26 UTC 2015

Good day,

I have an old Canon D646U lying around that I am wanting to get up and
running.  I found the details of the current status here:

I can confirm so far that the vendor and product IDs are being picked up
correctly by the USB subsystem (Ubuntu 14.04) but it appears that's as far
as it will go:  SimpleScan which depends on libsane doesn't detect any

I am wanting to go through the process using the test application (
http://canonscanner.sourceforge.net/) but it appears that this is quite
out-dated.  Is this still the best process to follow or is there something
better? From what I have read so far it appears that the identification of
the scanner IC is what I'm looking to identify.

Any insights or suggestions would be appreciated.

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