[sane-devel] 答复: DBG question

孙静 sunjing at newbeiyang.com
Fri Apr 10 00:29:47 UTC 2015

> How I can implement an separate project to build an sane backend ?
> Where I can find the makefile? thanks

>>Have you got the sane backends source tree? Each backend has its own
>>directory in there with its own Makefile. However, I think a lot of the
>>build will be dependent on some common parts in the non-backend-drivers
>>part of the tree.

>>Are you looking to factor your source tree away from the common backend
>>source entirely? You might find that it is quite a lot of effort to
>>maintain a separate tree like in the long term as the rest of the code
>>changes without it.

I download the source tree,I find all backends are in one directory,and only one makefile for all backends.


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