[sane-devel] Realtek RTS8801B revival

Brian G. gissf1 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 21:26:15 UTC 2015


I have a Realtek RTS8801B based scanner (several actually - Microtek,
Visioneer, etc) and I have known for a while there are no currently working
backend drivers for this device in SANE.  I can do USB captures of a
working Windows driver and I have enough Linux development experience to
write driver code, but I've not previously written SANE drivers.

I have a few questions before embarking on this project:

Are there legal implications to doing this USB capture in the USA with the
goal of developing a SANE backend driver?  (not asking for legal advice,
moreso just "its a bad idea because XYZ" or "it should be fine because its
for interoperability/old hardware/etc")

Are other developers able to help guide me if I have SANE API questions?

Is anyone else interested in helping/already working on this that I should
collaborate with?

Also, is this something that would be received well by the SANE community?
or is the general consensus that older hardware such as this should simply
be replaced?


- Brian
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