[sane-devel] MF8230 still works

Troels Thomsen troels.pil.thomsen at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 20:28:15 UTC 2015

Hi ,

Because of the upcoming release, I decided to re-test Rolf’s previous work
on the MF8200C (mine is a MF8230), and it (still) looks like its working

Details are below.

What else should I do?
BJNP scanning is normally harder than USB (?), so I decided to skip this,
but could be convinced to change my mind, if needed?

I desired, I can make a USB live stick and run it on my work-labtop which
has USB2 + USB3 ports. Please specify if any special distro + usb-stack or
whatever is desired for testing. Otherwise it will probably be newest
Ubuntu or Mint



I removed all traces of sane/libsane on computer, and took Rolf’s PPA, and
installed using Synaptic (apt-get preferred the Ubuntu version ...)
Version was: libsane_1.0.25-git20150822-trusty0_i386


Using xsane + bjnp:

75 + 150 + 600 dpi works fine
Scanning again and again: works fine

300 dpi works fine
Scanning again and again: works fine

scanimage -L
-scanner is found correctly

- does not find scanner.
I think the list is full of trouble-shooting steps for this....

One minor hickup though:
I experienced a paper-jam with the ADF (my own fault, really).
After that I found no other method than to 'killall xsane' - no problem -
but the scanner was in 'bad-mode'. Going to local-mode , then
'remote-scanner' did not help. Reboot of computer did not either. Reboot of
scanner did the trick.
I'm sorry I did not get record the error-message in the terminal (printf
from pixma driver?).
It was something like "illegal reply length".

I'm very happy with the performance even if this corner-case exist.

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