[sane-devel] About the errormessage

YiHao at rst.ricoh.com YiHao at rst.ricoh.com
Mon Dec 14 10:04:30 UTC 2015

Dear allan:

Execue me, I have a question to ask for help:

--->Does the SANE backend provide an extension of the error message for
developers ?

The next information is extract from sane.h.
typedef enum
    SANE_STATUS_GOOD = 0,	/* everything A-OK */
    SANE_STATUS_UNSUPPORTED,	/* operation is not supported */
    SANE_STATUS_CANCELLED,	/* operation was cancelled */
    SANE_STATUS_DEVICE_BUSY,	/* device is busy; try again later */
    SANE_STATUS_INVAL,		/* data is invalid (includes no dev at open) */
    SANE_STATUS_EOF,		/* no more data available (end-of-file) */
    SANE_STATUS_JAMMED,		/* document feeder jammed */
    SANE_STATUS_NO_DOCS,	/* document feeder out of documents */
    SANE_STATUS_COVER_OPEN,	/* scanner cover is open */
    SANE_STATUS_IO_ERROR,	/* error during device I/O */
    SANE_STATUS_NO_MEM,		/* out of memory */
    SANE_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED	/* access to resource has been denied */

Look forward to your help, Thank you very much.

Best Regard
Yours Sincerely, Yihao

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