[sane-devel] Some weirdness with a Canon LiDE 220

Scott Alfter scott at alfter.us
Thu Dec 17 17:59:58 UTC 2015

On 12/17/2015 12:35 AM, Johannes Meixner wrote:
> On Dec 16 12:45 Scott Alfter wrote (excerpt):
>> ... lsusb -t shows the following for the home system:
>> [snipped]
> You did not tell what of those devices the scanner is.

At the time I ran it, none of them were the scanner, as I had brought it
in to work with me.  Now that it's back home, it's listed as follows:

/:  Bus 03.Port 1: Dev 1, Class=root_hub, Driver=xhci_hcd/14p, 480M
    |__ Port 14: Dev 7, If 0, Class=Vendor Specific Class, Driver=, 480M

In any case, upgrading the kernel from 4.1.12 to 4.3.3 seems to have
fixed most of the problems I was having.

(Just got word back from eBay this morning that the order I put in
yesterday for a USB 2.0 controller had been canceled because the vendor
was out of stock.  It's just as well at this point, as it looks like it
would've been unnecessary.)

Scott Alfter
scott at alfter.us

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