[sane-devel] Canon LiDE 220

Michael McAndrew michael at civicrm.org
Fri Jan 9 12:55:40 UTC 2015

Hey there,

I've just caught up on the 'Canon LiDE 220' about that scanner not yet 
being supported.

Stef said:

 > it is a new genesys chip revision. Not datasheet known for this one. 
This work would be complicated.

I'm not familiar with sane development so am wondering if you can expand 
on that a little? It would be great to know if it is just a case of 
hanging on to the scanner until the chip revision is supported, or if 
there is a blocker that means it will remain unsupported for the 
foreseeable future.

Is there an estimate you could give for when it might get supported?

I am one of those stupid people that buys hardware before checking 
driver availability, so as the owner of an LiDE 220, I'd be happy to 
help in any way I can.


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