[sane-devel] Trying to get my Neat (NR-030108) scanner to work.

Stan Kaliski tanker at att.net
Sun Jan 18 00:41:58 UTC 2015

Hi all, someone on the Linux Mint forum suggested that I try this 
mailing list for help in getting my Neat scanner to work with Linux.

The Neat scanner seems to be widely advertised (here in the states) on 
TV.  While todays scanner my have a different manufacturer ID and model 
ID than the years old model I have.  Hopefully someone out there has 
gotten this unit to work with Linux the way it does in windows and can 
tell me what I need to do.

To prevent having to retype A LOT or copy and paste A LOT.  Please start 
by seeing what I have already done at:


I would really like to get this existing scanner to work vs. buying a 
new one.  Little unit works fine, with Windows.

Thanks in advance,

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